The Coffee Estate Inn

Your hosts personally roast the coffee in small batches at the hotel for maximum quality and freshness. Daily, our fresh roasted coffee is provided to each bungalow for your enjoyment.

Our estate is an ideal environment for the cultivation of traditional Arabia coffee - shade-grown under a canopy of native trees. Our private-stock coffee is handpicked at the peak of the season when the cherries have developed their maximum sugar and flavor potential. The cherries are processed daily, the beans are slowly sun-dried to fully develop the distinctively smooth Boquete flavor and aroma and then allowed to rest and fully cure.  Only the very best beans are selected for roasting so that you can enjoy the fully expressed flavor of our coffee.

Registered hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary guided tour of the estate. Learn about the flora, the fauna and the culture of coffee from the tree to the cup. The tour concludes with a demonstration of coffee roasting. 

Hotel guests can purchase our
attractively packaged Mountain Roast estate coffee

Taste the coffee, not the roast ...

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